• Serving Milk to the Nation since 18th Century

  • Education: A powerful Weapon to Uplift the Ghosi Community

  • Progressive Ghosi Community

  • Participation of Women in Development of Ghosi Community

  • Empowering Ghosi Women

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Famous Ghosi Personalities

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This site has been created with constructive & creative motive to bring all our Ghosi community people across the globe on a single platform so that we can grow socially, economically and politically collectively . It is difficult for us to know our people from our community by their name as most of us do not use any surname.

We encourage all people from Ghosi community to add Ghosi as surname , especially for all school going children. We also need to carry forward our rich history, traditions and custom for Generations to come. This is not an attempt to promote caste in Islam but to safeguard our community.

This website offers various services to its registered members free of cost. These services includes Information related to Education , Information related to job seekers, Matrimonial services and social networking.

This platform allows People to know each other, connect with each other, share their thoughts and more importantly facilitates people to volunteer for the welfare of the society.

Our Vision

Create supportive and diverse social development, upliftment of Ghosi community through which people can exercise empowerment, inclusion and dignity.

Our Mission

Accelerating continuous improvement in areas of Education, employment, culture, health, enterprise and other activities by which Ghosi community becomes a progressive community
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