There are Various scholarship is available for  upliftment of the minority, backward,  poor and destitute in India to find out list of scholarship 




Scholarship schemes for Minority and OBC-Muslims

Name of schemes



Income limit



(for minority only)

Classes 1-10

Rs. 500/- p.a. Admission fees+Rs. 350/- p.m. Tuition

fees+Rs. 600/- p.m. Maintenance Allowance for Hosteller and Rs. 100/- p.m. for Day Scholar.

Securing more than 50% in last exam.

Less than

Rs. 1 Lacs



(for minority)

Classes XI to XII

Rs. 7000/- p.a. including Admission & Tuition charges+

Rs.135/- Maintenance Allowance for Hosteller and Rs.

240/- for Day Scholar

Less than 2 lacs



For Professional /Degree holder

at Graduation & PG

For Hosteller


For Day Scholar

Total=Rs. 25,000/-

Less than 2.5 lacs

Maulana Azad



Classes XI-XII


Girls Minority)


(I) Confirm admission in class XI

(ii) Secure more than 55% in X class. Admission fees stationary, equipment lodging

Less than 1 lacs

Reimbursement of Tuition fees for

SC/OBC/ST/ Minority


I to XII (private school

affiliated to Govt)

(i) Parental income Rs. 60,000/- p.a will get 100%

(ii) Income b/w Rs. 60,000/--2,00,000/- p.a will get 75%

(iii) Classes I to V will given all Tuition & Compulsory fees regardless of marks obtain.

(iv) Classes 6th to 12th will get Reimbursement if he score 50% & have 80% Attendace

Less than

Rs. 2 Lacs


M.Phil & Ph.D.

Includes all the Expenditure


Welfare Educationally Backward Minorities Students

I to V


IX & X


Rs. 300/- per student (All Muslim And Neo Budhists Students in Govt. Schools) Rs. 400/- per student, Rs. 500/- per student, Rs. 600/- per student

Parents income is  ss than 2 Lacs

Merit Scholarship

School for ST/SC/OBC/



I to XII

For OBC-6th to 8th -:Rs.600/- p.a (% should be between 55% to 60%)

6th to 8th -:Rs.720/- p.a (above 60%),For OBC/MIN

9th to 12th -:Rs.1620/- p.a (% should be between 55% to 60%) 9th to 12th -:Rs.2040/- p.a (above 60%)

Income should

be less than

Rs. 2 lakh



Scholarship for Muslim Students offered by NGOs

Name of the schemes

Scholarship and class


A.Q.M Salehuddin & Najmun Nisa Memorial Trust

Offer Merit cum Means Scholarships to needy Assamese Muslim Students for post Higher Secondary Education.

21 Bagharbari Road, Panjabari, Guwahati-781037,  Assam E-mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aamir Mustafa Kidwai Trust 

Financial assistance & scholarships

for pursuing higher studies to needy and meritorious persons belonging to educationally backward minorities.

Mrs. Aziza Kidwai.B-28, West End Colony, New Delhi - 110021

Tel. 011-24670009,

Mob: 09868679107

Aaghaz Educational Foundation

Scholarship Forms for both Post Metric and Pre Metric school going children

4th Floor, Bank of India, (next to Ram Asrey Sweet Shop), Shahnajaf Road, Lucknow -226001 Tel: 9335902671, 9415020212

Central Wakf Council

Father's Annual income not more than Rs 75000/- pa. Scheme: Scholarship to students of B.E., M.B.B.S, B.D.S, B.Sc., A.M.D.Sc

(Alig), M.B.A., M.Sc., L.L.B., Scholarship Rs 6000/- pa

14/173, Jam Nagar House, Shahjahan Road,New Delhi-110011; Tel.23384465 Web:

Our Vision

Create supportive and diverse social development, upliftment of Ghosi community through which people can exercise empowerment, inclusion and dignity.

Our Mission

Accelerating continuous improvement in areas of Education, employment, culture, health, enterprise and other activities by which Ghosi community becomes a progressive community
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