Ghosi Community - Donations


We are dedicated for upliftment  of Ghosi community. We are in process to initiate different programme through which Ghosi people across the country will be benefitted.

Our major focus would be on people of our community who are facing socio economic challenges and they are below the poverty line. We can help them by providing assistance in areas of education, food and healthcare.

Our key future work will 

• A unique Child-Sponsorship-Programme – this is programme for underprivilegedGhosi children where people can contribute to bring the change to the future of our Ghosi children by sponsoring a child for just few hundred rupees /Month to enable holistic development.

• Supporting and opening Madrasahwhere people can get both religious knowledge along with modern science knowledge.

• Supporting marriages of poor Ghosi people 

• Providing job of Ghosi youth with linking them employer.

We will share and communicate a picture of all our work through this website. You will also receive an annual progress report.

Join hands with us to provide a better tomorrow for community people.

Our Vision

Create supportive and diverse social development, upliftment of Ghosi community through which people can exercise empowerment, inclusion and dignity.

Our Mission

Accelerating continuous improvement in areas of Education, employment, culture, health, enterprise and other activities by which Ghosi community becomes a progressive community
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